Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Divorce Rumors: On Tour Despite Gay and Cheating Claims [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Dec 27, 2013 12:11 PM EST

The past few weeks have seen a resurgence in rumors that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will be getting a divorce. Despite a number of claims that accuse Tim of being gay and cheating on his wife, the couple is still on tour in Vegas.

Of all the tabloids, Star is likely the most vocal in asserting that Tim and Faith are breaking up. This week’s cover predicted a $135 million dollar divorce, however, this seems unlikely considering the duo is continuing their Vegas residency.

Earlier in the year, Tim and Faith sat down with the press to plug their ongoing gig at The Venetian. This isn’t the first time that the embattled couple has played at the venue, as Tim explained:

"We made the most out of our short time in Vegas [earlier this year] and had a lot of fun onstage and offstage, but it seemed like it was over just as we were getting good and warmed up. The reaction was impossible to ignore, so it was a total no-brainer to add more shows when the Venetian asked us.”

While neither Hill nor McGraw commented on the status of their relationship, Faith was quick to emphasize the role of family in their relationship:

"Tim and I love performing together, but it's been such a scheduling challenge the last few years because we have two careers and three teenage daughters' school and social calendars to coordinate around.”

Of course, Star is adament in their claims that the couple is splitting. According to a source who spoke with the tabloid, things are falling apart for the couple:

“Faith and Tim can portray themselves as the happiest couple around, but that’s really far from the truth. It’s been years since they’ve been truly happy in their relationship. And at this point in their lives, their marriage is not a loving or healthy one.”

The tabloid’s speculation doesn’t end there either. A second insider implies that Tim has been fooling around with a much younger woman:

“When Tim’s on the road alone, he travels with a gorgeous, 24-year-old private massage therapist who used to be a fitness model. Her presence has always been a thorn in Faith’s side--and Tim’s set to go back out on an extensive concert tour next summer. He must have really pushed Faith’s buttons over something that night at the Venetian, because when she brought up the subject of the masseuse and exploded at him in a jealous rage, accusing Tim of flirting with her and acting inappropriate.”

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