'The Avengers’ Hulk Mark Ruffalo Assaulted Verbally by Lesbian While Waiting for Wife Sunrise Coigney

By Shane Jordan on Dec 31, 2013 05:41 PM EST

While the award-winning 46-year-old star of The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo, can sometimes seem a little enigmatic in his big screen roles, who knew he was so hard to read in real life. The actor was as lost for words as the Hulk he portrays, when he was verbally assaulted, while at the bar by a surely lesbian, as he waited to dine with his actress wife, Sunrise Coigney.

The anti-fracking activist is very down to earth and affable. He might even be a little too affable for his own good.

Ruffalo showed up at the Capital Grill in New York a bit too early for his dinner date with his French-American wife. While waiting in the bar for her arrival, the actor struck up an innocent conversation about baseball with the bartender and some random lady. Big mistake it turns out.

Apparently, the random women was the partner of a very jealous lesbian, who was just then returning from the bathroom. That is when the angry women berated him in front of the entire bar, according to an eyewitness in Star:

“They were all talking about the Red Sox, it was totally innocent…[then] this other chick goes off on him. Mark’s sputtering that she had the wrong idea, but the woman just screamed, ‘Go find your own goddamn girl!’ and pulled her girlfriend away.'"

Poor Mark Ruffalo has got to know his audience. When you’re cruising New York bars for lesbians, you stick to fracking. You always stick to fracking.

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