PICTURES: Looking Back at the Collapsed Roof of London's Apollo Theater

By Brick Dozer on Dec 31, 2013 06:24 PM EST
1 (Photo : The stage door light is seen at the back of the Apollo Theatre on the morning after part of its ceiling collapsed on spectators as they watched a performance.)
2 (Photo : A police officer stands on duty next to a notice board.)
3 (Photo : Another notice board is wrapped in police tape outside.)
4 (Photo : People receive medical attention.)
6 (Photo : More people receive medical attention.)
5 (Photo : Emergency services look at the roof.)
7 (Photo : A woman receives medical attention.)
8 (Photo : A man receives medical attention.)

It's been nearly two weeks since the roof collapsed, mid-performance, at the Apollo Theater on Shaftesbury Avenue.

And since these scene photos (care of Reuters' Suzanne Plunkett) were shot, all performances of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time have been canceled--at least until Saturday, January 4, 2014.

Granted, Classicalite has already published its year-end list of "joy, sadness, triumphs, tragedies and just plain weirdnesses."

Those said, here in the last hours of 2013 proper, we felt obliged to share what was clearly one of the worst tragedies of the the hopes that such an incident never ever happens again in the West End.

According to Lyn Gardner at The Guardian, London is on the way to doing just that.

Cheers, then, to a safer theater-going experience--for everyone, everywhere--in 2014!   

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