Dean McDermott and Broke Tori Spelling Divorce Rumors: Cheating Claims and Missing Wedding Ring [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Jan 03, 2014 12:26 PM EST

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling divorce rumors continue to fly. This latest report comes after claims that Dean is guilty of cheating on Tori. Though the allegations were denied, Tori has been spotted without her wedding ring.

Us Weekly was among the first to claim that Dean has cheated on Tori multiple times. The tabloid explained to their readers:

“While promoting his gig as host of Chopped Canada in Toronto on Dec. 6, McDermott invited 28-year-old Emily Goodhand, a woman he met that day through friends, to his room at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel--where they had sex, she tells Us. ‘He told me he and Tori had a sexless marriage,’ says Goodhand, who stayed over at his hotel the following night too. ‘I believed him.’”

Unfortunately, they aren’t the only publication that claims Tori and Dean have been experiencing marital woes.

According to a source who spoke with Star, Tori is well aware of her husband’s cheating. In fact, she has been looking the other way for years:

“I think Tori has known about Dean’s cheating for years. He has two girls he regularly sees, and Tori knows about it. She keeps threatening to kick him out but then never follows through. She loves him, and she tells herself he cheats because he needs the sex and that it’s an addiction.”

A second source echoes these sentiments, claiming that Tori is at the end of her rope. Additionally, the insider reveals, Tori is concerned over how many women Dean may have been with:

“Tori feels completely hopeless and at a loss as how to handle Dean’s marital indiscretions. And the truth is, she doesn’t have a clue how many other women are out there. She is worried they may start coming out of the woodwork.”

What do you think about the latest claims? Are Tori and Dean really having problems? Why did Tori remove her wedding ring? Are these just more of the tabloids’ lies?

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