Mega Millions Lottery Results for Friday January 3, Check to See if You Won $61 Million

By Brick Dozer on Jan 03, 2014 11:18 PM EST

The winning Mega Millions lottery jackpot numbers have been drawn for Friday, January 3. Check the results below to see if you won $61 million.

The winning numbers for tonight's Mega Millions jackpot are:22 24 25 40 70 PB 05

The Mega Millions lottery left 2013 off right with a massive jackpot giveaway. Now the second winner of the $656 million giveaway has come forward. The official Mega Millions website tells his story:

“SACRAMENTO – Exciting news this hour from the California Lottery. The person who bought the Mega Millions jackpot-winning ticket in San Jose has finally claimed his $324 million prize. His name is Steve Tran. He arrived late Thursday afternoon at the California Lottery’s Sacramento District Office. The Northern California man didn’t really feel like talking with reporters, but he is allowing us to share more of his exciting story.

“Like so many of you, Tran said he couldn’t help but drop some bills trying to hit the jackpot in the draw on December 17. Why not? There was more than half a billion dollars on the line. He was thrilled watching the San Jose story play out on the news the following day. “Everybody was anxious, looking for the person,” Tran said about the media coverage. He couldn’t help but think, “Must be a lucky man.” At that moment, Tran says he didn’t know the Lottery player the nation was looking for was him.

“Tran says he and his family like to visit San Jose because there is a large Vietnamese community there, plus they can eat and shop. On the Saturday before the draw, they stopped by Jennifer’s Gift Shop, which is located at 1818 Tully Road in San Jose (Santa Clara County) and bought five Quick Pick® tickets.

“Here’s where things become a little muddy, but help explain why he took so long to claim his giant prize. Tran said he added that ticket to a pile of other Lottery tickets he had purchased in multiple other towns while making his runs as a delivery driver. According to Tran, the entire lot ended up ‘Just sitting in my house, on top of my drawer.’”

Can you believe that? Be sure to check those tickets folks, and best of luck to you?

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