Allegedly Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian Breakup Rumors: Scott Disick’s Father Dies After Rehab Claims [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Jan 06, 2014 11:46 AM EST

Kourtney Kardashian, who the tabloids insist is pregnant with her third child, may not be breaking up with Scott Disick after all. Just three months after Scott’s mother died, the reality star has tragically lost his father. This latest development comes after rumors that Scott may need rehab for his drinking.

It has been a rough few months for Scott Disick. Now the celebrity finds himself dealing with the death of his father, as Radar Online reports:

“The father of reality star Scott Disick has died, has confirmed. Jeffrey Disick, a real estate developer, passed away last week, less than three months after his wife Bonnie died at age 63. It is not known what took Disick’s dad’s life.”

This is especially tragic considering the celeb just lost his mother a few months back. Following her death, numerous reports circulated that Scott has developed a drinking problem.

Of course, it was the National Enquirer, America’s least trusted name in news, that got the ball rolling. In a recent edition of the gossip rag, they quote a “source” as claiming that Kourtney could leave the reality star:

“Kourtney is beside herself. She was giving him time to grieve, but now he’s drinking with a vengeance. She wants him back in rehab or going to AA meetings at the very least. They’ve got a wedding to plan for next year and she’s not having it ruined by a drunken groom.”

Scott didn’t help drinking allegations, however, when he posted a cure for the hangover shortly after the rumors began. But as Perez Hilton explains, it could have been a promotional tweet:

“Sure it could have been a promotional tweet that he was paid for, but it was terrible timing. Especially since the rumors came out last week that Kourtney Kardashian wants Scott to go to rehab!”

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