ABC 'Scandal' Actress Katie Lowes Husband Adam Shapiro Joins Cast

By Shane Jordan on Jan 07, 2014 02:43 PM EST

In a surreal twist of events, Adam Shapiro, real life husband to Katie Lowe, will be appearing in at least one episode of the sophomore season of ABC’s hit new drama, Scandal. Shapiro, oddly enough, will be portraying a past love interest of Lowe’s character Quinn on the show, via flashback memories.

Sometimes work and love can become a volatile mix, choking even the healthiest relationships to death.

That is not something that you have to worry about Lowe tells TV Line. They are looking forward to surprising their friends and family, by keeping them in the dark until the episode airs:

“Working with Adam was totally surreal and wonderful! We’ve done tons of theatre together over the years, but never anything like this. Plus, he might be the biggest Scandal fan ever himself, so he was jumping around like a five-year-old when he booked the part...We are keeping it a secret from our families who all watch the show religiously,so when Adam first pops up on-screen as Quinn’s boyfriend, our mothers are going to freak out!”

If you were thinking that the only reason the lesser known Shapiro landed the role was because of his wife, you were wrong. His casting was no act of nepotism. Lowe told Us Weekly that he had to audition just like everyone else, though he might have had a little competitive edge:

“He didn’t have an ‘in’ by any means, but he smashed the audition!...I’m supposed to keep what happens a secret , but if I'm in a crunch, he helps me drill my lines. He does a really great Huck or Olivia.”

You didn’t expect someone on a show like Scandal to play by the rules, did you?

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