The Cover from Corwood: David Keenan Gets Jandek for WIRE 360 | February 2014

By Logan K. Young on Jan 07, 2014 05:29 PM EST

The question was almost laughable--especially via Twitter.

The answers--Justin Bieber, Ja Rule, Jamiroquai, Jandek, J-Lo...Jaffa Cakes--were equally as silly.

The reality, though, is that David Keenan, Mr. Volcanic Tongue, has scored an exclusive interview with the lonesome dove, himself, Jandek.

Even better? The WIRE is making said chat its February cover story.

Here's that cover, then.

As any Jandek acolyte worth his (or perhaps her) weight in shipping last year's Song of Morgan will remember, the last journalist to talk with the rep from Corwood was Classicalite friend Marc Masters, for the June edition of "The Out Door" column at Pitchfork.

Of course, Jandek was speaking on the legacy of another Classicalite fave, Loren Connors.

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