Is Disney Channel Ready for a Gay Family? 'Good Luck Charlie' Finale Lesbian Episode Approaches

By James Knight on Jan 07, 2014 09:14 PM EST

Disney Channel is getting ready to break history, when it introduces the first ever gay family on the network. One of the final few episodes of the hit series Good Luck Charlie will feature the Duncan parents interacting with a lesbian couple, while Charlie goes on a playdate with their child. That begs the question--is the world ready for an openly gay character on a Disney show?

Disney is the parent company of ABC who airs the mega hit sitcom Modern Family, which features a gay couple. However, the Disney Channel, itself, has shied away from the issue, until now that is.

One of the very last episodes of the hit series Good Luck Charlie will feature a same sex couple. But is the “family friendly” company ready for the bigoted backlash that they would face if they had a show starring an openly gay character on Disney Channel?

Disney Channel is one of the most watched networks for small children. The shows are starting to stretch beyond the normal mold of what a 1950's family would look like.

The hit show Dog with a Blog deals with a blended family and Jessie involves a family that has been adopted from various different races and cultures. Despite their genetic differences, when it comes down to it, every Disney Channel family at their core loves each other as much as any other family does. So why not feature a gay character into their line up?

As modern thinking as Disney is, it will still be no easy task convincing a large portion of bigoted Americans to sit their children down in front of a TV with an openly gay character on it. As sad as it is, the recent support for Phil Robertson’s anti-gay comments proves that the hatred is still alive and well in America.

Should the Disney Channel take the stand and introduce an openly gay character, regardless of the backlash? Is it Disney’s place to comment on such a heated political and civil rights issue? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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