'Sleepy Hollow' New Return Episode and 2-Hour Season Finale Air-Date

By James Knight on Jan 11, 2014 05:47 PM EST

We have good news and bad news. The good is Fox’s breakaway hit Sleepy Hollow is about to come back from hiatus with this upcoming Monday's brand new episode. The bad news is that there are only two episodes left before the season finale.

Sleepy Hollow was definitely one of the biggest surprise hits of the 2013 TV season. The show has already received an order for a second season.

However, because of the already scheduled return of The Following, Sleepy Hollow was not picked up for the back nine. That means that there are only three new episodes left for the season. The first of these starts this Monday.

The official synopsis for the new episode, titled “Vessel,” reads:

“Ancitif, a minion of Moloch with the ability to jump from body to body and possess its victims via physical contact, returns to Sleepy Hollow after a seven year absence and delivers a foreboding warning to Captain Irving: unless he delivers George Washington’s Bible--a valuable resource in the war against Moloch - great harm will befall his daughter, Macey.”

Last year, Sleepy Hollow’s showrunner Mark Goffman spoke to the L.A. Times about the hit series:

“This show has an epic nature to it and the characters find themselves in constant peril, and yet they are aware of just how insane all of this might seem. We really try to approach this from a grounded perspective, grounding these characters based on how we would react in their situation. I think allowing the characters to have a moment where they could reflect on just how crazy what’s happening is, keeps us grounded. One of the words we use in the writers room a lot is ‘fun’--will this be fun to watch? We try to follow a scare with a laugh and a laugh with a scare. It is really freeing to just write and have fun with these characters and allowing this world to continue to tumble out of control.”

The two hour season finale of Sleepy Hollow will air on January 20.

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