Rob Kardashian Leaving ‘KUWTK’ Over Mom’s Fat Loss Product, NOT Secret Lovechild? [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Jan 13, 2014 10:44 PM EST

Rumors are flying that Rob Kardashian may be leaving the cast of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. While some have claimed that he is moving over a secret lovechild, a recent tabloid article claims that Rob is fed up with Kris Jenner and her insistence that he promotes a fat loss product.

According to a source who spoke with In Touch, Rob isn’t trying to spend more time with a son he likely doesn’t have. The reality star, instead, is trying to get away from his fame obsessed family:

"’Kris tried to get him a weight-loss deal and pushed him to promote a hair-loss supplement,’ a source claims, adding that Rob is prematurely balding. ‘He feels like the family abandoned him when he needed them most. For him, life is more than just a business deal.’”

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard Rob is sick of his family’s nonsense. The same publication quoted a different source as revealing:

“He finally realized he needs to focus on himself and not do things the way his sisters do. He feels he needs a clean break. Rob feels like his family can't see anything beyond the spotlight. But he wants more for himself than fame. He feels like the family abandoned him when he needed them most. For him, life is more than just a business deal.”

It makes sense that Rob needs a break from the spotlight. After all, the reality star revealed that he’s been suffering from depression, when he told the E! cameras:

“I've just not been feeling myself, gaining a bunch of weight. It's frustrating, I'm not happy going out when I'm not in good shape. If I don't get myself together in six months then I won't want to hang around everybody.”

Of course, not everyone is convinced that his weight is the reason behind the rumored move. A major U.S. tabloid even claims that Rob has a 4-year-old lovechild that no one knows about.

According to the alleged source who spoke with Star, Kardashian revealed that he had a kid at a friendly gathering:

“Rob had a get-together at his apartment, and some people noticed a teddy bear on his bed. They asked him why he had it, and he said that it was a present for his son...The possibility that Rob may have a child has been the buzz in the Kardashian circle for a while, but no one knows for sure. And no one will talk about it.”

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