E! New Show #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Premieres Sunday

By Shane Jordan on Jan 16, 2014 01:09 PM EST

The E! network’s new program #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, which premieres this Sunday, Jan. 19, chronicles the day-to-day misadventures of the mid-twenties children of the super filthy wealthy, and it is exactly what you think..

The entire cast of the show is 25-years-old but might as well be five, being that they are already entrenched in the permanent adolescence that incalculable wealth brings, even though none of them have earned anything themselves of course.

All the obligatory cast of characters are present.

You have the Dorothy Wang, the rich girl with the heart of gold, who is actually a close minded racist. In the only video teaser available, you see Wang offend fellow rich kid Jonny Drubel, when she explains to him that his gay blood is unfit for her volunteer blood drive.

There is also the self-obsessed lifestyle blogger Morgan Stewart, who is hell bound and determined to make herself famous though social media. Morgan explained her personality fairly succinctly in recent television promos for the show (via TV Guide):

"I've taken so many selfies on my f---ing cell phone today, it's like, embarrassing,"

Let us not forget, the Paris Hilton-type Roxy Sowlaty, whose parents have more money than she knows what to do with. In a recent commercial for the show, Roxy is seen spending $488,680.50 at just one store.

Then to round out the cast, we have Morgan’s boyfriend Brendan Fitzpatrick, the cliche real estate businessman.

Thank you E! for the same old rich kid bull mess.

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