Classicalite Weekender: Kenny G Crap, Robot Piano Fingers, Brahms in Blue Jeans, Sonic Mythbusters, Mikhail Baryshnikov-Fundraiser

By Brick Dozer on Jan 19, 2014 11:43 AM EST

Yes, even on the weekend--classical music, jazz, theater, dance, art, film, books, etc.--the news still gets packed fresh and tight here at Classicalite.

To wit, in order to keep you Saturday/Sunday readers abreast of each and every one of those arts, Brick Dozer of Classicalite 4 News has compiled the best headlines--those stories, those people making the big aesthetic noise.

Indeed, Brick's linkage casts a very wide 'Net.

Here, then, is Brick's third Classicalite Weekender of 2014...

Watch Kenny G Play Softly in Honor of Toilet Paper in Times Square [Village Voice]

Rubbery robot fingers play piano faster than a human [New Scientist]

Denim in D Minor: Alessio Bax Shines in Brahms' Piano Concerto [Free Times]

Classical Music Mythbusters [Limelight]

Baryshnikov Plans Fund-Raising to Give Artists Space [New York Times]

"Stay Classicalite," Brick Tamland Dozer.

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