Despite Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres Divorce Rumors, First American Talk Show In China

By Jonathan Lambert on Jan 22, 2014 03:48 PM EST

Ellen DeGeneres has yet another milestone to celebrate. After months of rumors that she and wife Portia de Rossi will be getting a divorce, it was announced that Ellen's show will be the first U.S. talk show available in China.

While Ellen is likely elated by the news (and the extra income it could generate), no one seems happier than Warner Bros. TV's Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, who told the press (via Time):

"Ellen has clearly differentiated herself and her talk show from so many of the controversial conflict-oriented talk shows as it has become an increasingly positive alternative in daytime featuring the biggest stars from worlds of film, television and music... She has an unmatched and unique brand of family-friendly humor and love of pop culture that appeal to audiences of all ages in a very fun one-hour of programming."

This could prove to have a significant impact on the culture of China, which isn't known to have a pro-LGBT stance. In recent years, however, the citizens of the country seem more accepting than the government itself.

Of course, it's not all been great news for DeGeneres. For months there have been reports that Ellen and Portia de Rossi are thinking of splitting up.

While numerous media outlets have reported on their alleged marital problems, tabloid Star has been the most adamant in their claims.

Back in December, the publication actually claimed that Ellen is in love with Pam Anderson. The laughable report quotes a "source" as revealing:

"[Pam Anderson] is all Ellen talks about these days. It's become a real issue for Portia."

The sad publication even claimed that Portia needs to watch out, since Pam cut her hair short like Ellen's:

"As the old theory goes, when two people spend way too much time together, they start to look alike."

Yeah, right.

What do you think about Ellen's big news? Are you excited that she's heading to China? Do you think she will further help gay rights?

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