House of Cards: Netflix Turnaround Puts HBO Go and TV, Itself, in Harm's Streaming Way

By Ian Holubiak on Jan 26, 2014 04:30 PM EST

It has transcended college youth and become a household necessity. Most everyone in the modern world pays the eight-dollar fare to ride the Netflix train home every day and night.

And the train doesn't stop at your doorstep; instead, Netflix has shown one of the biggest turnarounds the business world has seen in the last few years.

Yes, Netflix has usurped the golden crown of video streaming platforms currently on the market. A golden crown and a Golden Globe, too, for its original House of Cards, the service has now entered the realm of television, itself.

Yet, it's TV that will soon fall to the Netflix.

And how can a streaming service that allows audiences 24/7 binge-watching be halted? Its opponents--particularly HBO Go--are limited to the amount of programming that they can squeeze into the small window of a week.

It doesn't end there, either. With the advent of its original programming--like its latest best series Orange is the New Black--Netflix isn't bound by the confines of air time and scriptwriting.

Once it's up, oh boy, is it up. And binge-watching only adds dollars to Netflix's stock, continuing to rise, indeed.

Reed Hastings must be up to his neck in it as the Netflix powerhouse begins to take down television. Winning a Golden Globe for a series created by a streaming service, and only offered via said service, sounds brilliantly meta to me.

So, while Netflix continues to monopolize the video-streaming industry, HBO Go and its allies may have to devise a quick out for themselves as they plunge further into the abyss of their limitations.

Now a Golden Globe winner, here is the Season Twp preview of Netflix's magnum opus, House of Cards.

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