‘Sam and Cat’ Cancellation Update and New Dirty Jennette McCurdy Video

By James Knight on Jan 25, 2014 06:14 PM EST

Well, the bad news is there is no new episode of Sam and Cat tonight. Don’t worry kids, the hit show has not been canceled. This week's new episode aired this past Monday. However, if you are desperate for some more Jennette McCurdy, then you can check out the starlet getting down and dirty in an all new video on Funny or Die.

Don’t believe the rumors kiddies, Sam and Cat has not been cancelled.

Even if the show does not get get picked up for a second season, the extra long first season has a grand total of 40 episodes, making this one season almost as long as all four seasons of Victorious.

If you are jonesing for some more Jennette McCurdy, then you can catch the former iCarly starlet in a brand new video out on Funny or Die, called Dirty McCurdy.

In the video, the starlet spoofs a lot of her former child star counterparts, by going dirty. The behind the scenes mocumentary short shows McCurdy recording her new song, “Bean There, Done That,” with her bean-obsessed hobo producer.

In the video McCurdy also takes a tomato juice and mustard.

Towards the end of the parody, McCurdy makes an insightful observation about the music biz. Turns out the industry does not care if you have talent, but only what kind of spectacle you can be.

Ariana Grande also comments abut the issue, last year in an interview with Complex:

"I don’t think it has to be a reintroduction because the public has only known me as a character for so long. They know me as Cat, so I think of it as an introduction to Ariana. It’s not something I think about, 'How can I show the world I’m grown up? I’m sexy or more mature.' I don’t feel comfortable flaunting my body that much yet. I don’t need to do that to show I’m grown up. I don’t want people to talk about my choices or how little I’m wearing. I just want the conversation to be about the music and what I’m creating."

She also went on to add that she is not comfortable being seen as a sex symbol:

"I don’t see myself as sexy and I’m not comfortable being sexy and dressing sexy. I don’t see myself ever becoming a sex symbol."

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