LISTEN: Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire's Oscar 2014 Nominee 'her' Soundtrack Contends for Best Original Score

By Ian Holubiak on Jan 27, 2014 05:45 PM EST

If you need a break from the post-Grammy turpitude invading your television set, fret no more! Instead, let's discuss an Album of the Year winner and their recent endeavor on Spike Jonze's Oscar-worthy her

Will Butler and Owen Pallett contend for "Best Original Score," as they jump to the foreground with their original soundtrack. And yet, the film's music lacks a full identity and direction--with no release date or definitve catalog.

Albeit the score may not be self-aware, but it has published itself to YouTube with an original composition abreast of three other choice songs.

Arcade Fire also contributed "Supersymmetry" from their hit album Reflektor, but it must be noted the piece was written as another detail to the soundtrack prior to its album release. Ain't that something?

And it would seem so, with the film's hyper-vivid color spectrum and melancholic overtones, a what would be considered classic from the band initially captured the very essence of the film's ambient electro-dramatic core.

So, with a Classicalite recommendation to rid the weary Grammy blues, give it a listen and find out for yourself what the hype is about.

And without further haste, here is the her score, in all its magnificent awe and splendor.

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