Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones Leave ‘Parks and Rec’ After Donald Glover Abandons ‘Community’

By James Knight on Jan 28, 2014 09:53 PM EST

NBC is losing some pretty big names from its Thursday night comedy lineup. Not only has Donald Glover sailed away from the cult comedy Community, but now Parks and Rec is saying goodbye to two of its own. Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are saying goodbye to Amy Poehler and the gang in this week's all new episode “Ann and Chris.”

This Thursday, Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are both leaving Parks and Rec. In the pair’s final episode, "Ann and Chris,” the two say goodbye to the Parks Department.

The offical plot synopsis for the episode gives away all the details of the farewell:

“Ann and Chris spend their last night in Pawnee saying goodbye to their friends at a party thrown by Leslie, who's determined to fulfill a promise before they go. Meanwhile, Tom, Ben, Ron and Andy get to work finding the perfect going-away present.”

Rashida Jones already has another gig in the wings. The actress will be starring in former Office star Steve Carell’s new series,Tribeca, on TBS. She has also been rumored to be cast in the upcoming Marvel movie, Ant-Man, with Paul Rudd.

The new episode airs this Thursday, January 30 on NBC at 8:30 p.m.

Speaking of leaving, Donal Glover recently left his part on the sitcom Community. The actor sailed away from the cult comedy series during the last episode.

Donald Glover was only signed on for the first five episodes this season. Glover, an actor/writer/rapper, decided to take time off to work on other projects, including his own show.

Glover foreshadowed his own departure during the first episode of the new season, when he called out Scrubs star Zach Braff for leaving during the final season of his show.

Glover left the show aboard a boat called the Childish Tycoon, most likely a nod to his rap project, Childish Gambino.

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