New ‘Arrow’ Episode: Bird of Prey Huntress Return and Ra’s al Ghul’s, Daughter Update [SPOILERS]

By James Knight on Jan 29, 2014 04:43 PM EST

Tonight there is an all new episode of the hit CW series Arrow. Finally Oliver will start to train his comic book sidekick, Roy Harper. The Green Arrow will need the help because the enemies are piling up. Not only are Brother Blood and Deathstroke gunning for Ollie, but the Bronze Tiger and Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter are both on their way. However, the Arrow might get a little more help from a Bird of Prey, when the Huntress returns. Warning Spoiler for the upcoming episodes of Arrow follow.

Tonight’s all new episode of Arrow focuses heavily on Roy Harper. In the comics, Roy is Arrow’s teenage sidekick, however, in the show he has been little more than an informant for Ollie.

That all changed when Roy got injected with Slade’s miracle blood, granting him super strength and healing abilities. Now it is time for Arrow to train Roy to help him control his powers.

The actor who plays Roy, Colton Haynes, recently spoke to E! Online about the new episode:

"I think Roy's annoyed with everything pretty much. I think training in Roy's mind is, 'Let's go kick a bunch of people's asses,' but that's not how it turns out to be at all. He has him slapping water and hitting dummies instead. It's not what Roy expected, but it puts Roy in a position to say, 'I'm stronger than you. I don't need you. So do you want to take me seriously or do you want to make me even more pissed off?' So it opens up a lot of really fun arguments and conversations between Roy and the Arrow, and let's Roy kind of prove himself and I'm sure that isn't really going to happen."

Meanwhile, in the coming weeks, The Huntress will return. We will also see the debut of Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Nyssa in an upcoming episode.

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