Eva Mendes Avoids Ryan Gosling Breakup Rumors, Larry David Praises After Rachel McAdams Dating Claims

By Jonathan Lambert on Jan 30, 2014 02:05 PM EST

Eva Mendes once again avoided addressing Ryan Gosling breakup rumors. In her latest interview, the actress danced around the issue, but she did, however, receive praise from comedic genius Larry David. Her latest statements come after rumors that Ryan Gosling may be dating Rachel McAdams.

The interview was teased months ago, but now major media outlets have picked up on Eva Mendes' interview with Violet Grey. Gossip site E! News recognized the significance of Mendes not mentioning Ryan Reynolds:

"[Ryan and Eva], who haven't been spotted together in almost three months, have yet to speak publically about their relationship. Mendes' latest interview, for Violet Grey, was no exception. The brunette beauty remained mum on her leading man despite the reporter's best efforts to get her to open up."

It seems odd that Eva would refrain from speaking about Ryan, especially considering how much buzz the couple has generated. For months, tabloids have predicted the end of their relationship, though neither actor has addressed the rumors.

One person who didn't mind opening up was Larry David. The legendary funny man gave a quote to Violet Grey, praising Mendes comedic chops:

"Sometimes when you're having trouble casting a part you start thinking that maybe the scenes you're using for the audition just aren't any good. And then someone, in this case Eva, comes in and nails it, and you're so relieved that one, you found the right person and two, the scenes actually do work...I had no idea she was so funny.

Unfortunately, Larry's praise isn't enough to sidetrack fans from what they really want to know-Is she still dating Ryan Gosling?

According to one source who spoke with OK! Magazine, things are definitely over for Eva, who just needed a little more:

"Eva said the relationship just ran its course. There wasn't a lot to say. He was everything you're supposed to want in a guy--great on paper--but she felt like something was missing."

Then again, the insider also revealed that it may have something to do with Eva's alleged inability to commit:

"Maybe that's the commitment-phobe in her. Ryan wanted more, and then realized that just wasn't going to happen...The more he wanted to get more serious, the more she pulled back. So, to him, it just wasn't worth investing his heart into the relationship, and he stopped caring."

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