Season 18 2014 'Bachelor' Spoilers: Juan Pablo Crush Is a Dud; Really Loves Baby Mama?

By Shane Jordan on Jan 30, 2014 08:22 PM EST

2014 Bachelor Season 18's Juan Pablo Galavis Spoiler Alert: Day one crush Sharleen Joynt isn't going to work out. Though that may be Juan Pablo's long game, rumor has it he is still very much in love with his baby mama and not really interested in finding love on the show.

Some people are really starting to wonder just what in the world bachelor Juan Pablo is up to.

He is always running hot and cold on the show, making out with some girls only to swear off kissing some altogether.

Even his first on-show crush seems a little suspect.

Sharleen Joynt shot out to a quick lead amid the field of other contestants, after he gave her his first impression rose during episode one, but she hardly seems interested.

Pablo seems hell-bound and determined to keep her in the game, however, no matter how many signals she gives him that she'd rather be anywhere else.

Also, Juan Pablo has mentioned time and time again that he is looking for a mother to his daughter Camila, but according to The Stir, Sharleen did her best to put those dreams in check this week to no avail:

"Juan Pablo is looking for a woman who can be a mother to his adorable daughter Camilla. Sharleen confessed she DOESN'T want to have children on Monday night's episode."

But maybe the plan is to get to the end famous and single, that way Juan Pablo can get back to the mother his child already has, Carla Rodriguez.

Some of those close to Juan Pablo have questioned whether he ever got over her in the first place (via Star):

"I just can't picture him actually losing his heart to someone he only knows for a short while, especially with little Camila involved. He's never stopped loving Carla."

What do you think? Is Juan Pablo interested in finding a woman for him on reality television? Or is he just interested in being on reality television?

Let us know what on your mind in the comment field below.

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