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'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Scare and Abortion, Amber Portwood After Drugs, Farrah Abraham Sex Talk [RUMORS]

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Feb 02, 2014 01:37 PM EST | Jonathan Lambert (

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans takes another shameless selfie. (Photo : Instagram/Jenelle Evans)

There have been some pretty major updates for the ladies of Teen Mom fame. Jenelle Evans, after an episode recently aired where she got an abortion, was rushed to the hospital over a pregnancy scare. Amber Portwood's ex discussed her life after drugs and jail and Farrah Abraham talked about sex...again.

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Enemy of the law Jenelle Evans recently had the scare of her life. The reality star and irresponsible parent awoke in the middle of the night with terrible pain, as a source told Radar Online:

"[Jenelle] woke up and was throwing up all night. She was crying and she could barely talk...[Boyfriend Nathan Griffith] told her something more was wrong when she told him she had stomach pains and he finally talked Jenelle into going to the hospital."

Luckily everything checked out at the hospital, and Jenelle returned home the following day, as the insider revealed:

"Jenelle was checked out by the doctors and they said she just has the flu and Is badly dehydrated. She is home and resting now and she feels much better."

Of course, Jenelle isn't known for being the most clear thinking mother. It was recently revealed that ex-boyfriend Courtland Rogers had to find out that his child was aborted by watching on the show, as he told Radar Online:

"Nobody told me anything. I did not know that Jenelle had gotten pregnant and she didn't talk to me about getting an abortion."

Another ex is also speaking up! Gary Shirley, baby daddy of Amber Portwood is also talking about his ex. Except this time he's saying something positive, as he told OK! that Amber is a changed woman after jail, "I feel like she has her daughter in mind more."

Sadly, one person who doesn't appear to be improving is Farrah Abraham. On a recent episode of Couples Therapy, the teen-mom-turned-porn star told the doc about her sexual insecurities:

"When I'm going to date somebody, and I'm thinking about, 'Oh, if I have sex with this person,' I'm just wondering why they're wanting to have sex."

What do you think about the latest revelations? Will Farrah EVER be a good mother?

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