'Fast & Furious 7' Paul Walker Trailer Leaked Showing Funeral, Following New Full Autopsy

By Shane Jordan on Feb 02, 2014 09:41 PM EST

Fast and Furious 7 star Paul Walker's name is back in the news again in connection to the film not set to hit theaters until the spring of next year. That's because a new trailer of the film has leaked to the internet. Walker, whose recent full autopsy revealed he may have been conscious following the initial crash, even appears in it at a funeral, in a creepy scene that opens the trailer, which appears to have been put together before the star's untimely passing.

The Fast franchise star has been every bit as popular since his untimely passing as before, and maybe even more so.

Walker's connection to the film seems to permeate every decision in connection to the completion of the film, an honor he likely did not hold before his death.

The producers at Universal have done everything they could to handle the project with poise and dignity, so that they might be able to continue of with the franchise with some dignity intact.

That tactic was dealt a hammer blow this week, when a trailer for the film, seemingly made before Walker's demise, hit the internet complete with a scene of a funeral.

The G Liberty Voice says the funeral was a tie in from a previous film:

"The seventh installment of Paul Walker's Fast & Furious got a jolt from the blue when a trailer of the upcoming movie got leaked online. The leak shows the trailer beginning with the funeral of Han who was killed in the end credits of the sixth installment of the franchise."

There is still no word, who will be stepping in for Walker to help the studio complete the film, but Universal has promised he won't killed in the film.

If only they could have kept him alive in the real world.

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