Latoya Ammons' Indiana Haunted Hell Portal House Sold to 'Ghost Adventures' After Police Captain Corroborates Possession Claims

By Jonathan Lambert on Feb 02, 2014 08:02 PM EST

Latoya Ammons' allegedly haunted house in Indiana was recently sold to the host of Ghost Adventures. The home was once described by a local police Captain, who corrorborated Ammons' possession claims, as being a portal to hell.

Police Captain Charles Austin is now a firm believer in the after-life. Though initially a skeptic, he now believes that demons were haunting both the children and house of Latoya Ammons, as he told USA Today:

"I thought that because of my expertise in the field of law enforcement...and the things I've seen at this house that I've never seen before in my life. But) I didn't expect this kind of reaction, not on my life...That place is a portal to hell."

That may sound crazy, but Austin isn't the only one to believe the family's claim. Reputable medical workers and child protective custody agents also agree, according to the official Department of Child Services report:

"[The child] had this weird grin on his face and began to walk backwards while the grandmother was holding his hand and he walked up the wall backwards while holding the grandmother's hand and he never let go. He flipped over and landed on his feet in front of the grandmother."

Again, medical personnel and members of the state-operated department of child services have attested corroborated this report.

While this is enough to scare most people, it's not enough to deter one man. USA Today tells the story of Zak Bagans:

"Zak Bagans, host and executive producer of "Ghost Adventures" on the Travel Channel, offered Wednesday to purchase the home in Gary, part of a media frenzy that enveloped many of those tied to the case."

What do you think about this crazy story? Are demons real? Is the whole town in on this joke?

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