Carrie Underwood Brad Paisley Affair: Law Suit Response, Wife Speaks Out

By Shane Jordan on Feb 03, 2014 05:22 PM EST

Kimberly Williams-Paisley finds the rumors that American Idol Carrie Underwood and her country singer husband Brad Paisley are having an affair laughable. But she may not find the lawsuit against the pair for plagiarizing their hit "Remind Me" quite as funny. Paisley and Underwood are being taken to court for allegedly lifting the song from a writer's workshop. Lawyers respond with counter suit.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley of Father of the Bride fame didn't take accusations that her husband was cheating with CMA co-host Carrie Underwood seriously for even a second.

Williams-Paisley responded with glee when Us Weekly broke the news to her about the rumors that her husband was having an affair with a younger woman:

"Am I in the National Enquirer? You're breaking it to me! What did I do?...Are you serious? Wow! I hope it helps our careers! That's all I can say."

It's doubtful that Kimberly remained so light hearted, when she heard that Brad's song he performed with Underwood on his last album was allegedly lifted from an intensive writer's workshop that song collaborator Charles Dubois advised a few years back.

Musician Amy Brown, known professionally as Lizza Connor, attended the Nashville workshop back in 2008 and performed her song "Remind Me" several times in class.

Brown feels like more than just the names are similar and is taking everyone to court for making a song that she claims sounds identical to hers.

An official statement released by attorneys for Paisley and Underwood claims that, at the very least, their clients had nothing to do with it (via Radar Online):

"Defendants (Paisley and Underwood) deny any wrongful conduct, omissions, infringement or any other activities alleged by Plaintiff in this District or elsewhere or that they are liable to the Plaintiff for any claims."

Charles Dubious is even taking it a step further by countersuing, because, as Radar Online put it, he feels Brown already promised not to get mad if he stole her song:

"When Bowen attended the songwriting workshop, she had to sign a consent agreement, which had a provision about submission of one's songs - that basically gave up her rights to sue for trademark infringement."

A promise is a promise.

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