Kris Jenner Divorce: Khloe Kardashian Silent on Bruce Jenner Wanting to Be Woman, Sex Change Rumors

By Jonathan Lambert on Feb 03, 2014 05:55 PM EST

Kris Jenner has announced that she will be separating but not seeking a divorce from Bruce Jenner. Following her announcement, there has been a number of rumors to hit the tabloids, including claims that Bruce may want to become a woman and is undergoing a sex change surgery. One person not commenting on the divorce rumors is Khloe Kardashian.

While it's enough to make a normal person go insane, Kris Jenner is surely loving all of the press she and Khloe have received due to their failing marriages. A new report may go too far, however.

National Enquirer, the world's least trusted name in news, is back at it. This week, they are claiming that Bruce Jenner wants to become a woman (via International Business Times):

"Bruce is deeply inspired by the beauty of Bridget Bardot. This is the reason he wants to be called Bridget after his alleged sex change operation. But Bardot's flawless beauty is not the only reason Bruce wants to change his name."

This isn't the only tabloid to report that Bruce wants to become a woman. A recent article in Star claims that Bruce is going under the knife:

"His transformation has been a long time coming, and he is finally getting up the nerve to follow through with it. He is very particular and knows exactly what he wants done. Still, this is uncharted territory, and he is a little nervous to go through with the whole thing."

Kris and Bruce aren't the only ones who find themselves on the cover of tabloids. Khloe Kardashian is also battling a wave of rumors, following her announcement that she will be getting a divorce from Lamar Odom.

According to a recent report in Hollywood Life, Lamar could be regretting his decision to abandon Khloe. One source tells the publication:

"He talks about her from time to time. He misses some of the good times they shared. She would always make him laugh and do little sexy s--t and wear hooker clothes for him around the house," a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. "Khloe can shake her a** faster than a girl in a Ying Yang Twins video. He misses all that fun and ratchetness they had."

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