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Breakup Rumors: Maybe Pregnant Jennifer Aniston Dumped by Fiancé Justin Theroux Before Wedding?

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Feb 04, 2014 12:07 PM EST | Jonathan Lambert (

Jennifer Aniston and Ed Sheeran

Jennifer Aniston spends Thanksgiving with Ed Sheeran. (Photo : Instagram)

Breakup rumors are always flying around Jennifer Aniston, who the tabloids insist is pregnant. New reports, however, suggest that the Friends actress was dumped by her fiancé Justin Theroux. Their relationship could be over before the wedding even takes place.

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Well, Star is back at it. This time the popular U.S. tabloid is predicting (once again) the demise of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's relationship.

According to one source who spoke with the publication, Jen is just too nagging:

"Jen said Justin refuses to set a wedding date, and his reluctance to marry her is taking a toll...Now everything Justin does annoys her, and vice versa. He thinks she she's too insecure and nags him constantly, and she feels like he's completely removed and doesn't care about her feelings."

The same insider goes on to claim that if it wasn't for Justin getting a job in New York, their relationship would have ended a long time ago. Apparently Jen was pushing him to a breaking point:

"She's started accusing him of loving his career more than her. But really, he's had cold feet for a while and admitted to friends that had he not gotten the job in New York, he probably would have ended the relationship. He couldn't keep living with her full-time by that point, because she was driving him insane."

This isn't the only report of Jen nagging her husband non-stop. An earlier edition of the tabloid claims that Jen won't even let Justin dumpster dive, his favorite hobby:

"Jen, 44, is 'embarrassed' by his hobby and 'tells him they have more than enough money to decorate,' spills the insider, who adds that Justin's recent finds included a discarded Darth Vader helmet and a rusted bedpan to use as a planter."

What do you think about the latest rumors? Will Justin and Jen ever get married? Do you think they will have kids?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment field below and take our quick poll.

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