2014 Season 18 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Spoilers Recap: Contestant Losers, Galavis Loves Daughter’s Mom

By Shane Jordan on Feb 04, 2014 04:25 PM EST

It's hard at times to figure out just what kind of game within a game Juan Pablo is playing on 2014's Season 18 of Bachelor. Galavis runs so hot and cold with the girls, some are beginning to speculate the Miami-based entertainment consultant might see all the contestants as potential losers instead of winners. Not to mention, Juan Pablo is reportedly still deeply in love with the mother of his daughter Camilla.

At this time, it appears that Juan Pablo is toying with all the girls of the season's Bachelor.

After making out with several girls, last week he chose to break hearts by swearing off kissing for a moment because it's too romantic.

This week Galavis decided to shatter Clare's world by telling her he completely regretted the midnight romp, according to E! News:

"Too bad Clare's bliss is cut short when Juan Pablo pulled her aside at the cocktail party to discuss what happened between them in the ocean. And by discuss, we mean he told her he regretted it because he has a daughter. Clare, understandably, is devastated and cried."

Of course, she did and all the girls may end up crying, because rumor has it that Juan Pablo isn't really on the show to find a wife at all.

Word has it that Juan Pablo is looking to further his career, and is far too in love with his baby mama to ever really consider spending his life with anyone else.

A close friend of the former couple told Star that Juan Pablo has always felt deeply for his ex:

"I just can't picture him actually losing his heart to someone he only knows for a short while, especially with little Camila involved. He's never stopped loving Carla."

Whatever Juan Pablo's intentions, this sure makes for great television.

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