‘Frozen’ Idina Menzel and Cheating Husband Taye Diggs Divorce, Split Child Raising

By Shane Jordan on Feb 05, 2014 06:55 PM EST

Idina Menzel and husband Taye Diggs don't seem to be letting their divorce bring them down. The couple, who were married for ten years, announced they would be getting divorced following months of rumors that Diggs was cheating. They aren't acting like a pair torn apart by infidelity. Menzel seems as pleasant as ever, riding her most recent wave of Frozen success, while husband Taye's recent remarks about splitting the child raising duties made him seem happier than ever.

Idina Menzel hasn't commented publically on her marriage since the official stamen that the two would be splitting up, but she really hasn't had time to talk about it.

The 42-year-old not only still has her hit movie tearing up the box-office, but she is staring in a new original musical If/Then in Washington D.C.

Menzel explained to the that the show is the story of a middle-aged women's journey of discovery:

"It's a beautiful piece, It's 100-percent original, and it's about a woman my age who comes back from Phoenix, Arizona, to New York City, where she went to school. She's getting a chance to start over. The music is just beautiful."

Most recently the star even took time to record the voice over for the new Disney Super Bowl commercial.

Diggs isn't as bust with his career, but that allows him to focus on the time he gets with his son Walker.

Taye told OK! that both parents still play a role developmental role in the sons life:

"We cherish story time. There's something special about reading the book I wrote, Chocolate Me!. He's are the age where he gets the message of self-esteem and self-worth, and the feels good...Someone asked him if he knew what his parents did for a living. He answered, 'Uh-huh, they exercise!'"

Well...Taye certainly does a lot of running around.

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