Prostitution Survivor Hugh Grant Children Update: New Love Child Revealed, Baby’s Family Disappointed

By Shane Jordan on Feb 07, 2014 04:39 PM EST

It has been public knowledge that Hugh Grant has quite the libido, ever since he survived his prostitution scandal of the nineties. But who knew that the 53-year-old English actor was still so virile. The star of countless romantic comedies went from being childless to having three children from two different women in just 15 months. His newest love child to surface is the son he had with Anna Eberstein back in September 2012. The rest of the baby's family is disappointed that Grant hasn't made a better attempt at getting to know the rest of his son's new aunts and uncles.

When 2011 began, Hugh Grant was a carefree bachelor with few responsibilities, but before the year had ended, he had sired a daughter, Tabitha, as a result of a tryst with Tinglan Hong.

The affair quickly hit a rough spot and the couple took a break, but reunited briefly in 2012...just long enough to welcome another child, Feliz Chang, into the world before the year had ended.

During that period that Grant and Hong were apart, he didn't spend his time pining. Grant was busy adding another baby to his quickly growing brood.

It has been reported by Star that Grant fathered another child in the interim between Hong's conceptions:

"Between those two births Hugh was keeping busy! He impregnated a Swedish TV producer, Anna Eberstein, who gave birth to a son in September 2012."

Grant has reportedly set Eberstein up in a $5 million apartment very near his own in London, but that isn't enough to keep his new in-laws satisfied.

Anna's aunt told Star that the rest of the family was also wanting to spend some time with the star:

"We are thrilled that Hugh is the father of the baby, but he has not been to visit yet. We'd love it if he did and would give him a warm welcome."

There is just no pleasing some people.

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