Princess Kate Dress Criticized, Sister Pippa Engagement Rumors, Brother James Marshmallow Business?

By Jonathan Lambert on Feb 07, 2014 04:15 PM EST

It has been a big few weeks for Princess Kate and the rumors that surround her family. Kate Middleton was allegedly chastised for her dress. Her sister Pippa, who is allegedly engaged, recently wrote an article about oysters. And their brother, James Middleton, recently launched his own marshmallow business.

Kate is known for her sense of style, however, not everyone is pleased with her look. According to a report in the British-owned Mail, the Queen is putting her royal foot down about her modern look.

In case you missed the report, Time explained what the Queen has in mind:

"Middleton will 'deploy a couture wardrobe of day dresses with lower hemlines than she has previously favored' on an upcoming trip to Australia, the Mail reports. The queen has even lent her the services of her most trusted staff members to dress the Duchess in a less provocative manner."

Pippa Middleton also found herself in the news, this time for something other than rumors that she's engaged to Nico Jackson. In her newest article, the bombshell tackled the controversial global issue of poverty.

We're kidding. It was about oysters.

Food appears to be playing a major role in the life of another Middleton sibling, James.

For James Middleton, desserts have always been important. If he's not selling cake-making kits, then he's figuring out ways to reinvent the marshmallow.

What's wrong with the present marshmallow? Because you can't print a photograph on it, duh. James sat down with The Next Web, where he revealed how his partnership with Mint Digital started:

"We were watching Andy Murray at Wimbledon last summer. I was telling him about my Instagram marshmallows idea and he suggested I talk to Mint. I was impressed by their previous projects: StickyGram and Projecteo. When I met Mint we clicked from the start. We have a very similar vision but are coming at it from totally different angles: Mint from digital and me from food. I think the most fun we had was coming up with the name: Boomf is the noise a marshmallow makes when it falls through your letterbox."

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