‘Mob Wives’ 2014 Season 4 Cast Returns, Renee Graziano Father NOT Rat Husband Inspired Cookbook

By Shane Jordan on Feb 08, 2014 05:55 PM EST

Cast member of 2014's Season 4 Mob Wives, Renee Graziano, returns to the show, and just because she may have allowed her husband to rat on her father capo Anthony Graziano, which resulted in his imprisonment, doesn't mean she doesn't still find him inspiring. The reality star who has battled with family strife and addiction to pharmaceuticals admits that her Italian family the source for her recent cookbook recipes, especially her dear old dad.

Renee Graziano may have thought she had it made in the shade from now on, when she was headed into season one of Mob Wives, which was created by her sister Jennifer, but one FBI sting later and a public pill addiction, she isn't so sure it is the answer to all her prayers.

It wasn't the easiest thing for Renee to return the show where she is still viewed by some as a pariah, but in lieu of other work, she told Star she's happy enough to take the check:

"My public rehab was rough but I'm a fighter...I appreciate having a job, but am I enjoying what I am doing? No."

Renee does at least have some money coming in from her cookbook How to Use a Meat Cleaver.

Graziano told Star that you could learn a lot more from her family than just how to run a crime syndicate; you can learn how to cook:

"The recipes come from my real family. My father is actually a big cook, so it was passed down from my parents. When it comes to Italians, food is like the construction industry: We're always around it!"

When asked in a recent interview with Star if she would prefer her own spin-off like Big Ang, she admitted it was her dream:

 "I would love to do that with my son AJ. People think I have it easy because of my sister, but it's actually harder. If you're watching the same show I am, you know Renee gets no special treatment."

Renee could always move, to L.A. and join the RHOBH, but she probably safer with the mob.

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