Queen Latifah Engaged to Girlfriend Ebony Nicholas Following Grammys Gay Same Sex Wedding?

By Shane Jordan on Feb 08, 2014 11:25 PM EST

Queen Latifah has long kept her sexual preference close to her chest, while always supporting lending her support to the gay community. The old school rapper has even gone as far as announcing that the LBGT community was her "peeps" back in 2012, but while Latifah officiated the mass same sex wedding at the 2014 Grammy's, she reportedly caught the itch to get hitched herself. Now rumors as circulating that the Queen is ready to through caution to the wind and wants to get engaged to longtime girlfriend Ebony Nicholas.

Queen Latifah was proud to officiate the large same sex marriage held at the year's Grammys.

Backstage at the event Latifah said she couldn't be more excited to help these people realize their dream of a wedding, to their same sex partner (via LA Times):

"I'm not an ordained minister, I'm a commissioner. Call me Queen Commish. I look forward to the day when presiding over a historic wedding ceremony like this is the norm. I can't wait to dash off and sign their marriage certificates...They should be celebrating tonight. Looking into their eyes -- this is a real moment for them -- and I'm happy to be here."

All those people tying the knot, has reportedly got Latifah pinning for her own special wedding day.

Though she has not officially come out of the closet, she and Ebony have taken to allowing themselves to be seen in public, which Star feels is a sure sign the couple will be engaged in no time:

"After officiating 33 weddings for gay and straight couples during the Grammy Awards on Jan. 26, Queen Latifah has caught the marriage bug!"

Now all she needs is a ring and a prenup.

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