'KUWTK' Kris Jenner Divorce: Calls Rob Kardashian Fat, After Brody Jenner Bashing? [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Feb 09, 2014 10:29 AM EST

Keeping Up with the Kardashians matriarch Kris Jenner may be getting a divorce, but is seems like she may have even bigger things to worry about. Despite managing her entire fame-obsessed family, a popular U.S. tabloid is claiming that the momager still has time to call her son, Rob Kardashian, fat. These latest accusations come after a report that Brody Jenner has repeatedly bashed his stepmom.

Star is back at it. The gossip rag, which is known more for its salacious headlines than its accuracy, recently claimed that Kris has a major problem with Rob's increasing weight gain.

According to one source who spoke with the tabloid, Kris has no problem openly chastising Rob:

"Rob is fatter than ever, and Kris finally flat out told him that he's an embarrassment to the family. She called him a fat slob and said he's losing out on business opportunities because no one wants someone as huge as him representing their products."

His sisters, according to the same alleged insider, act just as petty as their mother:

"They're embarrassed to be photographed with him and bully him for being fat. They also tease him for by leaving cakes and cookies around to tempt him."

If you find Kris' rumored actions (and the life she leads, in general) offensive, then you are not alone.

Radar Online has reported that Brody Jenner has major issues with his stepmom. According to one source who spoke with the gossip site, Brody blames his dad's obsession with plastic surgery on the fame-obsessed cougar:

"[Brody does] believe that Bruce became more conscience of his physical appearance and how he looked after Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered. They blame their step-mother (Kris) for all of the plastic surgery he has had over the years. Kris always encouraged Bruce to have his face nipped and tucked. He has had plastic surgery to remove excess fat above his eyelids. The Adam's apple surgery is just following in that pattern."

What do you think about the latest rumors? Is there any chance that Kris really said those terrible things to Rob? Would it actually surprise you if that was true?

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