‘RHOBH’ Cast Gossip Recap News: Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville Feud Joyce Giraud Accuses Carlton Gebbia of Black Magic

By Shane Jordan on Feb 09, 2014 02:32 PM EST

Even the best of friends can't stay close for long in the thunder dome recap that is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The cast's perpetual gossip and feuding has taken its toll on Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville's once tight friendship, for reasons at times neither seem to be able to remember. News Flash: Everyone still hates Joyce Giraud, probably because she constantly talks crap, like recently accusing Carlton Gebbia of casting a black magic spell on her husband.

It seems Brandi Glanville can't help but make enemies of her Beverly Hills cast mates.

Even Brandi's once close friend Lisa Vanderpump appears to be out to get her at every social turn.

Glanville recently commented that she thought things were getting rocky with Lisa, but things weren't beyond repair just yet (via In Touch):

"We've definitely hit a hiccup in our relationship, but I don't think we hate each other."

But that was before Lisa invited Brandi to a birthday party that was being catered by her arch-nemesis, 28-year-old Scheana Marie, who played the part of mistress to Glanville's husband in the couple's divorce real-life drama.

A source close to Brandi told US Weekly that Glanville has had time to stew things over, and she is ready to give Vanderpump a piece of her mind:

"She think Lisa used her to get press for her show. If anyone can be manipulated, it's not Brandi. [Soon] Brandi confronts Lisa!"

Former Miss Puerto Rico Joyce Giruad, who apparently believe in voodoo, has accused Carlton Gebbia, a self-proclaimed witch, of casting a spell of her husband that made him violently ill.

Joyce said she turned to any spiritual leader she could to combat Gebbia evil following her husband inexplicable condition (via Life & Style):

"[My husband] was throwing up. He never throws up! I had my friend who's a rabbi come bless our house after."

Joyce could just throw a little H20 on Carlton and melt her.

But it turns out, Giraud is just as afraid of water as witches.

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