2014 Season 18 Bachelor Juan Pablo Spoilers Contestants Update: Nikki Ferrell Lies, Galavis Comments On Gay Cousin

By Shane Jordan on Feb 10, 2014 05:14 PM EST

2014's Season 18 of the Bachelor's Juan Pablo may have be too busy trying to control his image to focus on what's going on with the contestants. Galavis has been trying to the handle the blowback from his comments about gay people from a few weeks ago. Juan Pablo told George Stephanopoulos on GMA that he grew up around a gay cousin, and he had just miss-spoke in an earlier interview. Whether it's because of the outside pressure or not, the contestant feel he is blind to Nikki Ferrell's lies.

Juan Pablo is still having to perform damage control after his unfortunate comments a few weeks ago that a gay Bachelor would be "too pervert", even for reality television.

Juan Pablo released a statement on Facebook to clear up the misunderstanding, immediately following the initial blowback, but found himself explaining the comments once again to George Stephanopoulos earlier today on Good Morning America (via ABC):

 "I have a cousin who is gay. His sister is a nun. So it's been around my house all my life. So, to me, it was a misunderstanding...It's been hard because, to me, when I speak English, it happened to me two months of filming, sometimes the words that I used were not interpreted the way that they should be interpreted, or I use a wrong word...So I will go on my phone, Google and find the right word and do it that way."

According to the contestants of on the show, that English isn't the only thing he has a hard time understanding.

Several of the ladies on the show feel that Nikki Ferrell is a liar, who is purposely playing Juan Pablo in order to gain his affection.

Elise Mosca, who went home earlier in the season, told In Touch that Nikki is hateful towards the rest of the girls and deceitful with Juan Pablo:

"She would say really disgusting things. [Nikki] put on a happy face during her times with him [and said she liked the group dates], but with us she'd say she hated it. She'd outright lie to him. She was definitely not showing [him] the same reaction that she showed the girl."

Nikki shtick became too much for Clare Crawley to take last week, and she finally had to confront Ferrell (via In Touch):

"You are one way with the girls and one way with him, and I don't think Juan Pablo sees that side of you."

He certainly doesn't seem to Clare. You're probably going to have to poke him on Facebook to get his attention.

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