Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi Divorce News: Rumors Wife Splits Despite New $40 Million House

By Shane Jordan on Feb 10, 2014 05:18 PM EST

Rumors have it that Portia De Rossi is looking for a divorce from her talk show host wife Ellen DeGeneres, and The Queen of Nice, known for keeping her lady happy with very expensive gifts, won't be able to buy her way out of it this time. But that's news to Ellen who just bought Portia a new $40 million house in L.A. to ease the martial tensions before she splits.

Ellen DeGeneres may not quite know how to treat a lady like Portia De Rossi, but rumor has it she knows how to keep them from leaving.

Ellen is known for buying wife's Portia forgiveness, when DeGeneres gets in a pickle, she can't condescend of talk her way out of, an insider tells Star:

"Ellen follows a cynical pattern: She is mean and controlling, then she sees that Portia is pulling away and sucks it up. She'll cry and tell Portia that she can't live without her, then spoil her with vacations, cars, and jewelry."

One could surmise that that is why Ellen recently purchased a $39.8 million mansion in Holmby Hills.

Real estate expert Cristin Zweig says it the best mansion in all of Los Angeles, maybe even the whole world (via Life & Style):

"It's truly known as the best house in L.A. It's six bedrooms, nine-and-half baths, and was designed by überfamous architect A. Quincy Jones."

According to her friends Portia is tired of the emotional abuse and doesn't care who designed the damn house.

An insider told Star, that not only is Portia fed up, De Rossi figures she can buy whatever she wants after the divorce anyways:

"She has a way of making Portia believe that she would never be anything without Ellen, and if they split, she'd be screwed...That's why Portia doesn't want Ellen to know that she's told friends she's thinking of leaving her...Portia feels that she has definitely earned half of Ellen's fortune for putting up with her for so long. You'd better believe that is she moves forward with this divorce she will fight for every penny she can get!"

So how exactly do you split a house in half?

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