'The Voice' Coaches Cast Update: Christina Aguilera Is NOT Pregnant, Leaving Season 6

By Shane Jordan on Feb 10, 2014 07:14 PM EST

The internet and tabloids alike are on fire with rumors that one of the coaches from the Voice is pregnant with her second child. Everyone is cashing in on Xtina baby speculation update 2.0. The only problem is, there doesn’t seem to be any truth to it, unless the pop singer wants a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome that is. But she will have plenty of time to try, Aguilera is leaving the show for Season 6, having just returned for only one season.

Christina's upcoming break form The Voice is fueling all kinds of reports that the sultry singer is already pregnant with her second child.

OK! has even out right stated as much on the recent cover, filling the pages with non-sense from supposed friend, openly blathering about things they clearly must know nothing about.

There is even a quote in the recent publication, by an inside source no doubt, explaining Christina's future baby birthing timeline:

"Christina's wanted another kid for two years and tried unsuccessfully with Matt around eighteen months ago... She's made it clear that her next child must be born before she turns 35. She's adamant that she's not giving birth when she's nearing 40."

Well if any one that is true, Christina most be celebrating the good news with a hearty toast, because the reality TV mentor posted a pic of her downing a huge glass of wine just last week.

Christina's official reps have neither confirmed nor denied any baby rumors, but you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

What do you think is going? Is Christina just having one last blow out, before she starts trying to get knocked up? Or is she just taking a year off to focus on her music and enjoy the hot body that she just got back? Or does she just like the looks of babies with alcohol fetal syndrome?

Let us know what on your minds in the comment field below.

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