'Wendy Williams Show' News: Breaks Down About Son Kevin, Weight Loss Body Not Photoshop

By Shane Jordan on Feb 12, 2014 06:39 PM EST

Talk show host Wendy Williams is proud of her weight loss and wants to show off her top body. The 49-year-old also wants you to know that the bikini pics she posted online aren't photoshopped. Williams isn't as proud of her teenage son Kevin, who has been making her life miserable. Williams recently broke down while discussing Madonna's relationship with her children and lamented that she and Kevin no longer like each other most of the time.

Wendy Williams is having some trouble getting through to her son Kevin now that he is a teenager.

Wendy recently lost control of her composure on her talk show when talking about the struggles of raising her rebellious teenager.

Williams opened up to Life & Style about the difficulties involved with raising a teenager right:

"My son gives me a hard time. He doesn't do what I ask, and he knows how to push my buttons. I don't think he likes me at times...That makes me not like him...I will not get lost in the pool of disrespect that I see coming from kids his age. He will not curse at me and he will never, ever roll his eyes. I will smack the black off him if he does."

And Williams, who is in the best shape of her life, might be able to hit him hard enough to do it.

Wendy is excited to show off her new body, and she doesn't care what people have to say about it (via Life & Style):

"Let the haters hate, but the bikini photo I posted online was not Photoshopped. I haven't weighed this little since eighth grade. If I were going to Photoshop something out, it would be that nasty tattoo covering my tummy tuck mark!"

Yeah...that couldn't have hurt.

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