Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Divorce News: Break Up Rumors False, $40 Million House Real?

By Shane Jordan on Feb 15, 2014 12:30 PM EST

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi aren't getting a divorce, if you believe the domineering day time talk show host. She claims that the breakup rumors are untrue and the $40 million house she just bought has nothing to do with a failing marriage. But what else would you expect from the reportedly manipulative Queen of Nice, an admission that she is driving everyone in her life miserable.

Ellen DeGeneres is claiming that the writers of the tabloids that she never reads are completely fabricating their stories about her recent marital difficulties.

But a terrible friend of the couple told Star that it's just like Ellen to speak for Portia, and decide publicly what the state of their relationship is:

"Portia and Ellen have never had a 50/50, loving relationship like a healthy couple has. She reads Portia's emails and checks her phone to see who she has been talking to. She refuses to let Portia go out with her friends, and she regulates who is allowed at the house!"

So it is hard to believe that everything Ellen says is true, since a source disloyal to DeGeneres revealed to Star that Ellen has deluded herself into things that the ebb and flow of her relationship is working:

"Ellen follows a cynical pattern: She is mean and controlling, then she sees that Portia is pulling away and sucks it up. She'll cry and tell Portia that she can't live without her, then spoil her with vacations, cars, and jewelry. She has a way of making Portia believe that she would never be anything without Ellen, and if they split, she'd be screwed...That's why Portia doesn't want Ellen to know that she's told friends she's thinking of leaving her."

Ellen can come out on her show and make believe things are alright at home if she likes, because for Ellen they probably are.

It's Portia who is suffering, not DeGeneres, chained up Ellen in her emotional basement.

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