2014 Season 18 ‘Bachelor’ Update Spoilers: Juan Pablo Dumped by Final 6, Dating Singer Mayra Veronica Off-Show

By Shane Jordan on Feb 16, 2014 09:36 PM EST

All is not well in The Bachelor world of Juan Pablo Galavis. 2014 Season 18 Spoilers: the former soccer player gets dumped by one of his final 6, who decides to go home in lieu of spending another second with Juan Pablo. But the entertainment consultant/single father isn't too worried; he is reportedly already dating Latin singer Mayra Veronica.

Juan Pablo knew when he signed up to be the center of attention of this season Bachelor that a few hearts were going to get broken, but he probably didn't think one would be his own.

An inside source told Us Weekly all the sordid details; they have omitted the name as not to ruin the entire show:

"She just wasn't into him and didn't want to continue. Juan Pablo was devastated. The women was a front-runner. If she hadn't left, the outcome of the show would have been very different."

But that might not be entirely accurate.

Word has it the Juan Pablo is more into singer Mayra Veronica, whom he met at a Miami Heat game in the beginning of February.

An eyewitness to the couple's flirting said it looked as much like love as anything they had ever seen (via Star):

"Juan Pablo and Mayra had never met before, but it was obvious to everyone that there was a real connection between them. They spent most of the game talking together, and at one point Juan Pablo whispered something to Mayra and they both broke up laughing.

"Anyone's first impression of these two would have been that they make on seriously hot couple...I don't know what's happening on The Bachelor, but it certainly looked as if there was a relationship brewing between those two. I wouldn't be surprised if they saw each other again."

So on second thought maybe Juan Pablo should just go ahead and fun the rest of the girls off; think of all the roses he would have to give Mayra.

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