Skinny Josh Peck Snubs Bankrupt ‘Ultimate Spider-man’s' Drake Bell; ‘Drake and Josh’ Movie Plans

By James Knight on Feb 19, 2014 08:57 PM EST

Drake Bell is in dire straights. The former Drake and Josh star and current voice of Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man is allegedly broke. However, he has plans to get back in the black. Bell has made public mention of a possible Drake and Josh movie. However, the newly skinny Josh Peck doesn’t seem like he is on board with the project.

Drake Bell has reportedly filed for bankruptcy. TMZ reports that the former teen heartthrob brings in a mere $2,820 a month and has a whopping $18,000 in expenses.

During a recent Ask Me Anything Reddit Chat, Drake Bell hinted that he wanted to make a new Drake and Josh movie, answering a question about Bell’s past on The Amanda Show and future Drake and Josh movie. The fan asked:

"I've always been curious about the ‘live audience’ of the Amanda show. Was there ever really any audience members or was that always fake? Did they just grab random people for a few minutes? And do we really have a new Drake and Josh on the way? That's awesome news if so!”

Bell responded, saying:

“We actually did have a live audience! Hopefully a new movie with Josh soon!”

Bell also added:

“I would LOVE to make this new movie with Josh we just need you guys to go on all the social media outlets and make it blow up.”

TMZ recently caught up with Josh Peck who was apparently waiting for a bus or something, and asked him about if he plans on working with Drake Bell anytime in the future:

“I’ve been working a lot on my own and I know he’s pursuing his music, but you never know. But, for now, probably not.”

What do you think about the news. Do you want Josh Peck to sign on for the new movie? Let us know in the comments section below?

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