George Takei Beams Up with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for "Sci-Fi Spectacular" Program at Strathmore and Meyerhoff

By Ian Holubiak on Feb 22, 2014 01:48 AM EST

"What we did in Star Trek in the mid-'60s was mind-boggling," George Takei told the Baltimore Sun's Tim Smith, remembering a time when he was better known as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu.

"We'd walk around with these things we flipped up to talk [called the Communicators], and now we all walk around with things like that. We take pictures with them, text and see movies. We're living in a science fiction world," he tells Smith further.

Lately, though, Takei's best known for his social media prowess. Having come out as a gay man, publicly acknowledging his support for the LGBT community at large, his Twitter and Facebook pages keep millions of like-minded fans entertained each day.

And his followers didn't abandon him when he launched Allegiance, a period piece about Japanese-American internment during WWII care of documentary filmmaker Jennifer M. Kroot.

With no qualms about delving into unchartered territory, Takei is making a pit stop in Maryland for a few special performances with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra--no doubt reviving his space roots.

Takei and the BSO are presenting "Sci-Fi Spectacular" from February 20-23, where the former will narrate over the latter's musical selections from Star Trek and the best of John Williams: E.T., Somewhere in Time, Star Wars and more.

As per usual with Baltimore's more pop-oriented programming, both Strathmore and Meyerhoff get dates.

Should you need any more prodding, here are two of the most memorable intergalactic theme songs.

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