Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi Divorce News: Defend Breakup Rumors; $40 Million House NOT Enough?

By Shane Jordan on Feb 20, 2014 07:37 PM EST

Ellen DeGeneres is allegedly pulling out all the stops, trying to convince wife Portia de Rossi not to follow through with the divorce this time. Besides insisting things are fine on her show and promising that she loves Portia more now that ever in one of the tabloids she swears she isn't concerned with; Ellen recently bought a new $40 Million "sorry for how I've acted, don't breakup with me" house, but is that enough to make the angry actress stay?

Friends of the couple have described the relationship as less than functional in a recent Star article:

"Portia and Ellen have never had a 50/50, loving relationship like a healthy couple has. She reads Portia's emails and checks her phone to see who she has been talking to. She refuses to let Portia to go out with her friends, and she regulates who is allowed at the house!"

"Ellen follows a cynical pattern: She is mean and controlling, then she sees that Portia is pulling away and sucks it up. She'll cry and tell Portia that she can't live without her, then spoil her with vacations, cars, and jewelry."

And if you think that is just a load of you average bull mess, you might like to note that the most recent rumors of divorce have been met with the lavish gifts and public praise, just like their friends predicted it would.

First there is the nicest home that could be found in L.A. under short notice to pacify distract the part of Portia's heart that is drawn to pretty things.

Real estate expert Cristin Zweig says it the best mansion in all of Los Angeles, maybe even the whole world (via Life & Style):

"It's truly known as the best house in L.A. It's six bedrooms, nine-and-half baths, and was designed by überfamous architect A. Quincy Jones."

But Ellen knows that won't be enough to keep Portia by itself; she has to convince her wife that if she left DeGeneres wouldn't be able to go on.

That brings us to Ellen's interview in the upcoming People, where she swears to god and everybody that she loves de Rossi now more than she ever has (via Huffington Post):

"I love her so much it kills me...The truth is, and this is corny, I fall more in love with Portia all the time. I really do. She surprises me all the time. It's what anyone experiences when you find that person that gets you, wants to take care of you, wants the best for you. We're really lucky because we know how rare it is."

Catch that last line where she implies Portia may never find love again if she leaves, because it's so damn rare.

Right, because people aren't lining up around the block just to have a beautiful woman like Portia de Rossi in their lives!

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