2014 Season 18 'Bachelor' Spoilers Update: Juan Pablo Dating Women NOT Contestants

By Shane Jordan on Feb 21, 2014 08:44 PM EST

2014 Season 18 Bachelor Juan Pablo's quotes about seriously wanting to find a new mother for his child on the show are starting to look a little disingenuous. Spoilers: With new updates about off-screen non-contestants emerging every day, it's starting to look like the former soccer player has actually decided to continue to play the field.

Juan Pablo Galavis can't help himself; he's a ladies' man and he has always been one.

The Venezuelan hunk has never been able to focus all of his attention on just one woman.

A friend of Juan Pablo told Life & Style that he has always been bad, but never this bad:

"Any girlfriend of his would be flabbergasted and hurt by the way that he flirts with other women...He has absolutely no boundaries when it comes to hitting on girls.

"The fame has gone to his head. He has always been a ladies' man, but he's taken it to a new level."

And Juan Pablo is beginning to have a hard time keeping all the carousing quite.

Longtime "friend" and television personality Camila Canabal recently posted an Instagram pic of Galavis whispering sweet nothings into her ear, followed by a racy caption:

"What my beloved told me."

And that isn't the only woman outside the show that Juan Pablo has been linked to since the show started.

Galavis recently met sultry singer Mayra Veronica at a Miami Heat basketball, and have been secretly communicating al the time.

An insider told Life & Style that a day scarce goes by that Juan Pablo isn't talking to Mayra some sort of way:

"They hit it off and have been in contact ever since."

An eyewitness at the game told Star that it looked like the couple were already dating:

"They spent most of the game talking together, and at one point Juan Pablo whispered something to Mayra and they both broke up laughing.

"Anyone's first impression of these two would have been that they make on seriously hot couple...I don't know what's happening on The Bachelor, but it certainly looked as if there was a relationship brewing between those two."

Looks like daughter Camila will just have to settle for the mommy she's already got.

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