Ariana Grande and Perez Hilton End Feud After Baby Death Threats and Cocaine Drug Use Rumors

By James Knight on Feb 23, 2014 11:15 AM EST

There have been some new developments in the war between Ariana Grande and Perez Hilton. After the celebrity blogger made some catty comments about the actress' hair, Grande’s fanbase let their claws out in defense of the Sam and Cat star. However, Grande’s fans went a little too far, making death threats against Hilton's young child. The feud has since spawned a few new cocaine drug rumors and an alleged lawsuit. Now the two are deciding to end their rivalry before it gets out of hand.

Recently, Perez Hilton does what Perez Hilton does best. The celebrity blogger made a few remarks about Ariana Grande’s hair, and then Grande's fans flipped their lids. Some fans even went as far as to threaten the life of Hilton’s small child.

Hilton then penned an open letter to Grande’s fans on Instagram, writing:

"And, listen up, kids! For every day you continue to say vile things on my photos, I will continue to bring it to the attention of Ariana. Do YOU want her seeing all those tweets pointing to the fact that she has the worst fandom out there? She does. It’s the truth. And, at this point, her silence on this matter is shameful. Her team KNOWS what her fans are saying about my family and doing to my Instagram photos. Ariana keeping quiet is condoning and promoting that behavior! Shameful, Ariana. Shameful! Quit being such an enabler and SAY SOMETHING!”

Hilton apparently followed through with his threats by spreading some pretty nasty rumors about Grande.

Perez reportedly tweeted a message to Grande claiming that he heard she was on drugs. The message have been since taken down but read:

"Are you okay? I heard someone saw you doing cocaine at a party! Stay away from drugs Ariana!!! I'm praying for you! You can overcome this! #JustSayNoToDrugs"

Hilton also went on to tweet Ariana’s brother Frankie Grande as well as her employer, Nickelodeon, with his “concerns."

Grande has since reportedly hired lawyers to file a slander case against Hilton.

However, Perez ended up getting his way, when Grande later broke her silence on the issue, tweeting her fanbase:

“arianators, I know u don't like when ppl say bad things about me but please don't wish negativity upon any1. don't give up ur light, I ❤️ u.”

Perez, who has always claimed to be a fan then offered the singer an olive branch, writing:

“Thank you!!!! Hope we can all go back to focusing now on how talented you are and let's ALL just chill and listen to music! x”

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