New Season 'RHONY:' Ramona Singer Divorce, Fired Jill Zarin Feud, Aviva Drescher Book [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Feb 24, 2014 03:00 PM EST

Cast members of Real Housewives of New York, both past and present, continue to find themselves in the tabloids. Ramona Singer is going through a not-so-tough divorce. Jill Zarin puts aside her Ramona Singer feud to talk about being fired, and Aviva Drescher is talking about a new book.

When Ramona Singer announced that she was getting a divorce, one might have expected an epic fight worthy of reality television. In reality, they may still be seeing each other.

The two were spotted snuggling up on a recent a Bowling Alley. Things started off well, as one source told Us Magazine:

"The two requested a private area where they could spend time alone away from staff and other guests. The two were joking around and being affectionate."

Unfortunately, things didn't stay so peachy. According to the same insider, the situation turned pretty ugly:

"Ramona appeared upset with Mario and left the bowling alley. The couple took separate cars home, but Mario returned shortly after to fetch Ramona's boots, which she had forgotten."

One thing she probably hasn't forgotten is former cast mate Jill Zarin. The two were once friends, but like Ramona's relationship with her husband, it crumbled.

Jill has been off of the show for quite some time, but she recently appeared on OWN's Oprah: Where Are They Now. During her interview, she opened up about finding out she was canned:

"When I got the phone call from my production company, I knew. You know when you have a sixth sense and I shed a few tears because when anything ends, it seems so final. I honestly have no idea really why I was fired. Because nobody will tell me the true answer."

Aviva Drescher seems to be fairing much better than the other ladies, or at least that's how she made it seem, when she conducted an interview with Pop Bytes. The housewife plugged her book, trying to convince readers to give her a chance:

"I think my book can really touch everybody. It's not just for Housewives viewers. I think it can touch everybody because it shows by various examples how you can get through life's trials and tribulations."

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