Portia and Ellen Divorce: DeGeneres CHEATING and Affair Claims, Following Split Rumors

By Jonathan Lambert on Feb 25, 2014 10:37 AM EST

For months now, rumors have been flying that Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are getting a divorce. Following claims that the couple may split, a tabloid has suggested that Ellen has been cheating on Portia with other women.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry is among a growing list of gossip sites predicting the end of Portia and Ellen's relationship. According to the website, Ellen has even been spotted on dates with a mystery brunette (via Inquisitr):

"This photo op for the paparazzi was not an accident, but instead very purposeful. Ellen knew that she and her new friend would be photographed together and that Portia would see the snaps. She also knows better than to be seen with another woman alone, unless she wants people to talk."

If that rumor is true, Ellen was certainly successful at getting people talking. Ellen and Portia have been featured on the cover of a number of popular tabloids, all suggesting that their romance is doomed.

This is especially true of Star, who predicted that the couple would split months before other outlets. Last year, the tabloid suggested that it was Ellen's controlling and jealous nature that was driving a wedge between her and Portia:

"Ellen's a jealous control freak, and it's taking a toll on Portia. Portia loves her to death, but she feels like she's trapped in Ellen's world and she can't get out. She's had it with Ellen's jealousy and insecurities! There's even been talk of a separation, but for now, they're trying to work things out in therapy."

That's not the only time the publication has suggested that the couple needs professional help. According to a different source, it may have something to do with Ellen having been abused:

"Portia insisted on therapy because she thinks Ellen's lingering issues from [being abused] may be connected to their ongoing marital problems. Before they were married, Ellen was very into therapy and used to have treatment sessions twice a week. But since then her coping mechanisms have slowly eroded and it's affecting their marriage."

Turns out, it's all part of one big, sad cycle. In a more recent edition of the publication, a source claims that Ellen likes to control everything, except her own emotions:

"Ellen follows a cynical pattern: She is mean and controlling, then she sees that Portia is pulling away and sucks it up. She'll cry and tell Portia that she can't live without her, then spoil her with vacations, cars, and jewelry."

What do you think about the latest rumors? Is Ellen cheating on Portia? Do you think DeGeneres is too controlling?

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