Ellen and Portia Divorce News: Cheating Rumors True, Affair Split Denied?

By Shane Jordan on Feb 27, 2014 10:03 PM EST

Ellen DeGeneres claimed in a recent interview that she just wanted to be understood, but according to some news coming out recently she might be interested in a few others things as well. Though Ellen has been denying rumors that she and wife Portia are getting a divorce, she was spotted out with another woman carrying on what is assumed to be a torrid affair. The affair has yet to be confirmed, but it has certainly added additional fuel to the "split up" fire.

Ellen is still trying to laugh off rumors that her marriage to actress Portia de Rossi is crumbling from the inside out.

When Jimmy Kimmel asked her about the impending split on his show this week, she pretended the whole thing was news to her (via The Wrap):

"I read that we were getting divorced, and I went and told her, and she was sad. We both were so sad. I couldn't believe that we were getting divorced, so I guess we are."

According to sources cited by the Inquisitr, Ellen's grief is, of course, a put on, but not for the reasons you might think.

Ellen was recently seen out and about with a woman other than her loving wife Portia de Rossi:

"This photo op for the paparazzi was not an accident, but instead very purposeful. Ellen knew that she and her new friend would be photographed together and that Portia would see the snaps."

Maybe Ellen is looking to get back at Portia for starting all these rumors in the first place, by appearing before paparazzi without her wedding ring.

Or maybe gazillionaire DeGeneres wants Portia to realize that everyone is replaceable.

Either way, real or not, a source tells Star that as soon as Ellen looks the other way long enough, Portia is out of there:

She has a way of making Portia believe that she would never be anything without Ellen, and if they split, she'd be screwed...That's why Portia doesn't want Ellen to know that she's told friends she's thinking of leaving her."

Portia better get out before she's thrown out.

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