Slates for Sarah: 'TVD’ Crew Member Death Academy Awards In Memoriam Petition Update

By James Knight on Feb 28, 2014 05:30 PM EST

The film and TV community were rocked last week, when Sarah Jones, a regular crew member on The Vampire Diaries, was struck and killed by a train on the set of Midnight Rider. Now the cast and production crews are rallying in memory of the Jones. They have even started a viral campaign called Slates for Sarah, in addition to petitioning Academy Awards to have her name added to this Sunday’s ceremonies.

Following Jones’ tragic death, her TVD coworkers have issued a campaign to have her name added to this weekend’s Academy Awards In Memoriam section.

TVD Executive Producer Caroline Dries recently spoke to Hollywood Life about their plea:

“Yes, [the cast and crew] would like to have her name at the Oscars’ ‘In Memoriam’ section,” Caroline says. “But more so, [the campaign] is about awareness about Sarah specifically… and also, more awareness about set safety. [It's about] having the leadership roles on set really step up and say ‘no.’ What we said to the crew the day after we learned [about Sarah's death] was ‘no shot will ever be as important as you, as your friends, as your family… as you are as people. This is not the end of the world. This job will never be the end of the world. You are always the most important person; the most important thing.’”

The Academy plea is not the only tribute for Sarah Jones. A viral trend called Slates for Sarah has been making the rounds, as Dries adds:

“Camera departments all over the country and even all over the world have been sending us pictures of their slates, which is what you slap in front of the camera to say what scene you’re on, and who the director is,It’s been this viral movement. It’s been this moving, overwhelming tidal wave of emotion. It’s been really cool. I clicked on the [Twitter] hashtag and was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ There’s so many pictures of so many crews. It’s amazing.”

The petition to the Academy has reached it’s goal and has been sent in. Even if Sarah’s name does not appear in the In Memoriam, she will definitely never be forgotten.

We spoke with one of Jones’ former Army Wives coworkers, Caleb S. Varnadeaux, about his memories of her:

"I always thought she should've worked in the electric department, because she could light up a room just by walking in."

Thursday’s episode honored Sarah with the dedication.

“In Loving Memory of Sarah Jones, 1986 – 2014.”

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